Jump Start Dissertation/Thesis Boot Camp

Recognizing the need for more robust graduate student support, the Writing and Public Speaking Center offers the Jump Start Thesis/Dissertation Boot Camp four times each academic year. This intense four-day program allows graduate students to:

  • gain momentum and make tangible progress in their writing

  • discuss effective thesis/dissertation writing strategies

  • experience a supportive environment for intense, focused writing time

  • develop effective writing habits that will sustain them throughout their careers

Jumpstart is offered during Winter session, during Spring Break, and at the end of May. The next Jumpstart will take place January 5-8, 2021 and March 15-18, from 9:00am-2:00p.m.

Who will benefit from participating:

The Jump Start Thesis/Dissertation Boot Camp is ideal for graduate students from any discipline. Students will benefit from the program if they are ready to write at least part of their research proposal, thesis or dissertation. Students who plan to work on a literature review should already have read, analyzed and taken notes on relevant articles before the workshop. If students are writing a thesis/dissertation chapter or a manuscript, they should have completed the data analysis, and created tables and figures.

Previous participants:

Previous participants felt that the Jump Start program equipped them to make effective decisions about their writing and helped them to make significant progress on their projects. They also gained valuable insights by interacting with the other graduate students.

For additional information please contact: Gretchen.McCaffrey@mso.umt.edu