Earn your Accounting Fundamentals Certificate at Missoula College

Accounting is fundamentally important to our society. The understanding of accounting concepts allows businesses to run efficiently and profitably. The skill-set and experience gained through this one-year certificate of applied science program ensures that our students are prepared to enter and be competitive in the workforce. Accounting is one of the best-paying and most in-demand jobs out there.


for potential job growth. Demand for accounting professionals are projected to increase the most over the next decade.


Number of accounting jobs annually available in Montana


starting salary in many positions for those with a certification in accounting fundamentals.

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The value of a degree in Accounting Fundamentals

The certificate of applied science in accounting fundamentals readies you for roles in entry-level accounting and bookkeeping. Our alumni thrive in various sectors, from local businesses and nonprofits to government bodies and prominent CPA firms. This pathway is also valuable for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners. The demand for accounting professionals is universal. Graduates of our accounting technology program find employment in healthcare, government, business, education, and beyond.

For those focused on securing post-graduation employment, our associate in accounting degree guarantees success. We maintain a 100% job placement rate, with local employers often seeking bookkeepers and staff accountants. The demand exceeds our capacity to supply candidates. This degree is a strong foundation to pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, and many students choose this path. Some even advance to a Master of Accountancy, achieving Certified Public Accountant (CPA) status.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Montana ranks second nationally in the bookkeeping and accounting job concentrations. This makes Missoula College and the University of Montana an optimal choice for your accounting fundamentals degree. These skills translate to opportunities across the country, expanding your horizons for work and specialization.

Jobs in Accounting

Wondering about the opportunities an accounting fundamentals degree brings? Consider these in-demand roles attainable with an associate degree:

  • Accounting assistant
  • Accounting clerk
  • Audit associate
  • Bookkeeper
  • Payroll specialist
  • Staff accountant

Accounting Salary

Accounting fundamentals can lead to well-paying opportunities. Remote bookkeepers enjoy an average salary of $42,410, with freelancers often earning more through personalized rates. As an associate degree holder, you might explore these accounting roles and their corresponding salaries:

  • Accounting clerk: $41,151
  • Payroll specialist: $47,195
  • Staff accountant: $52,247

Should you choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree in accounting, your earning potential expands further: the national average salary for accountants and auditors is $77,250.

Experiential Learning in Accounting Fundamentals

Embedded in our accounting fundamentals certificate program is hands-on, real-world education. Students may undertake a 90-hour internship, often leading to direct job offers. Apprenticeships with prominent regional firms further enhance real-world learning and networking possibilities.

Professional Growth in Accounting Fundamentals

Our program's triumph lies in its early emphasis on career readiness, providing unwavering student support. Benefitting from close-knit classes and personal guidance, whether online or on campus, you'll find professors ready to assist. During job searches, our seasoned professionals stand by your side for success.

Apart from internships and apprenticeships, students engage with local employers as guest speakers, fostering connections. Coupled with a curriculum tailored to regional employer needs, this creates a robust path to career triumph.

Requirements for the Certificate in Accounting Fundamentals

Essential courses in the certificate program delve into accounting procedures, income tax basics, payroll accounting, and personal finance. The curriculum also hones management and communication skills, and culminates in a mandatory 90-hour internship.

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