The College of Business  includes in its Core Values "Act Ethically and With Integrity" and "Inspire Individuals to Thrive". Students enrolled in the COB, as well as COB Faculty and Staff, strive to uphold these Core Values.

COB Faculty, Staff, and Students elevate the awareness of the importance of ethical behavior by:

In addition, some may wish to make an agreement with themselves through a Personal Integrity Statement.


transcendent. We commit to rise above self-interest and work for a vision greater than ourselves.


hardworking. We are known for our Montana work ethic. Nothing valuable in life can be achieved without hard work and dedication.


resourceful. We will respond and successfully adapt to a changing environment. We see opportunities in new challenges and are confident we can succeed.


initiative. We make things happen in our lives, we don’t just let things happen. We are the next generation of business leaders who will bring about a better future.


virtuous. We are committed to upholding moral and ethical principles even when there is a personal cost. We will be people of integrity. We will act with honor in all that we do, always bringing credit to ourselves and the University of Montana.


excel. We are trained to exceed expectations and overcome all challenges so that we will have every opportunity to succeed in our chosen field.