What is an Internship?

An internship provides a student with the opportunity to apply the knowledge he or she has learned in the classroom by participating in a workplace environment related to a chosen career field. The COB Internship Program aims to create value for students as they begin to build a strong professional network and experience real-world business enterprise first-hand.

By engaging enthusiastic, competent students who want to learn and contribute to a company, participation in the internship program creates value for the employer, as well. Effective short-term internships can become vital components in the development of a company’s recruitment, training, and mentoring capabilities.

The COB Internship Program is designed to take place during one semester. Most students can earn academic credit and are paid for their work as an intern. Interns must have an employer-supervisor who assigns and evaluates their work. COB faculty and staff are available to students and employers for consultation throughout the internship. Interns interested in receiving academic credit for their internship need to register, in advance, for the accompanying course. Contact Kathleen Tarkalson for more information.

Benefits of an Internship

For students:

  • Work experience
  • Exploration of career options
  • Professional networking
  • Résumé development
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Application of classroom learning

For employers:

  • Partnership with the COB in the provision of optimal learning experiences for UM students
  • Access to COB resources and expertise
  • Opportunity to expand company’s recruitment, supervisory/mentoring, training capabilities
  • Solution for seasonal needs, short-term projects
  • Cost-effective, low-risk strategy for attracting high-quality prospective employees


"I appreciate the opportunity and experience gained from my two internships during the pandemic. I was fortunate enough to be in person for both of them, which made the learning experience more hands on. I was able to interact with people in meetings as well as remotely. The hands-on skills in marketing and business were key takeaways that I can bring into my future workplace." Jenna Peterson

"I worked as a student intern for the UM Internal Audit Department. It was a great way to gain out-of-the-classroom experience and build my professional network. Ultimately, it also helped me decide on a career path within accounting that I love. I was so fortunate to have an in-person experience and it really elevated the whole experience being able to go into the office and be treated as a professional." Lily Duray

"What my internship did for me was incomparable to ordinary work. It gave me the confidence and assurance I was looking for while entering my final year of school and prepare for the job market." Joshua Pearson.

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Find Out More

Students should read the Student Tips and Advice: 7 Steps to Success page and then contact the Internship Director, Kathleen Tarkalson, at (406) 243-6771 or with questions. You can schedule an appointment with Kathleen on Navigate

Employers can find additional information on the Employer Information page or contacting Kathleen Tarkalson at (406) 243-6771 or