SW MT Wildland Fire Training Center

The SW MT Zone Training Center will post its training schedule by October 2021. Training will be presented VIRTUALLY during the 2021-2022 training season.  Nomination workflow will open in October for all agencies. Please note that course dates will be approximated, as we are still in the planning stage to finalize our upcoming schedule. To accommodate adult learning best practices in a virtual environment, screen time will be minimized, and agendas, including number of days for each course, will be elongated. Our support staff is accustomed to virtual delivery - they are the same staff designing online courses for the University of Montana.

The most likely online model for course delivery will include instructor-led presentations to deliver standard NWCG curriculum, augmented by satellite classrooms housed at local units to facilitate delivery of supplemental enrichment activities.

Federal employees will nominate via IQCS, beginning in October 2021.

Non-federal agencies will use the online nomination tool.

Mission Statement

Southwest Montana Wildland Fire Training is a distinctive project jointly sponsored by the University of Montana and the Southwest Montana Geographic Zone of the Northern Rockies Coordinating Group. Initiated in 1998, Southwest Montana Wildland Fire Training is motivated by one major goal: To provide intensive, top-quality training to wildland firefighters.