Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Team


To monitor University facilities, programs, policies, plans, and activities to assure the identification, prevention, and elimination of physical, electronic and/or programmatic barriers that interfere with faculty, staff, and student access to and benefit from University programs, facilities, and resources. The ADA Team serves as the ADA Coordinator for the University.

For the 2022-2023 Academic Year, the ADA Team is also responsible for overseeing the Charge of the Digital Accessibility Committee (DAC):

To align campus activities and practices with national digital accessibility laws, regulations and recommended practices by:

  • advising the EITA Coordinator on issues regarding campus policies and procedures addressing digital accessibility,
  • supporting the development of strategies to improve digital accessibility,
  • monitoring developments in information and communication technology, assistive technology, and their interactions,
  • assessing the University's progress in the area of digital accessibility,
  • advocating for accessible technology at the University of Montana,
  • reporting annually to Faculty, Staff and ASUM Senates.


Hilly McGahan, Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX

Kate Duran, Legal Counsel


Brenda Miller, Accessible Technology Services

FACULTY (Two; Three-year terms)

Erin Baucom, Mansfield Library (2025)

Nikolaus Vonessen, Mathematical Sciences (2025)

STAFF (Two; Three-year terms)



STUDENTS (Two; two-year terms)




Operations and Finance (One; Three-year term)

Paul Lasiter (2023)

Marketing and Communications (One; Three-year term)

Jen Sauer (2023)

Research and Creative Scholarship (One; Three-year term)


Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (One; Three-year term)

Hillary Stowell (2023)

Student Affairs (One; Three-year term)

Adrianne Smith, University Center (2023)

Housing (One; Three-year term)

Melissa Neidigh (2023)

Office of the Registrar (One; Three-year term)

Siobhan Donnelly (2023)

Rural Institute (One; Three-year term)

Meg Traci (2023)

Mansfield Library (One; Three-year term)

Teressa Keenan (2023)

Public Member - No UM Affiliation (One; Three-year term)



John Greer, Information Technology

Michele Wheeler, Human Resource Services

Jameel Chaudry, Facilities Services

Mika Watanabe, Office for Disability Equity

Jordan (Jo) Costello, UM Online

Updated September 27, 2022