UM Diversity

The University of Montana values leadership, engagement, diversity, and sustainability, because our institution is committed to respecting, welcoming, encouraging, and celebrating the differences among us.

As members of the University of Montana community, we aspire to:

  • Respect the dignity and rights of all persons.
  • Practice honesty, trustworthiness, and academic integrity.
  • Promote justice, learning, individual success, and service.
  • Act as good stewards of institutional resources.
  • Respect the natural environment.

Black History Month 2022

"Black History Month in Black and White" by Murray Pierce, UM Minority Mentor

Land Acknowledgment

The Séliš-Ql̓ispé Cultural Committee created the following language, "The University of Montana acknowledges that we are in the aboriginal territories of the Salish and Kalispel people. Today, we honor the path they have always shown us in caring for this place for the generations to come."

The Diversity Advisory Council encourages the campus community to use this statement on syllabi, on public websites, and at public events, and to be deliberate in thinking about how to translate the acknowledgment into action. 

Photos of Salish tipis on the land the University of Montana now occupies are available via the Mansfield Library Archives and Special Collections, which provide a visual representation of the verbal statement.

Four teepees stand on the floor of the Missoula Valley in the 1800s. Text along the bottom of the photo reads: From Archives and Special Collections, Mansfield Library, The University of Montana-Missoula