InfoGriz is a web application developed by Enterpise Information Systems (EIS) to provide custom Banner reporting capabilities to departments.  InfoGriz empowers individuals and departments on campus to pull custom reports out of Banner without having to rely on programmers for information.

Security groups have been set up to control access to different reports developed for specific areas of information.  Some report groups are only available within the department and not for general campus access.  These groups are marked with bolded ONLY within the descriptions below.

Reports generated by InfoGriz are for internal use only and are not intended to be disseminated to the public or any external audience unless and until they have been approved by the Office of University Planning, Budgeting, and Analysis (OPBA).  Please submit data requests for all external audiences to pope.ashworth@umontana.edu or call OPBA at (406)243-5661.

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Offices frequently have the need to gather information in the form of reports of various information contained in the Banner system. Reports that need to be run on an “as needed” basis can frequently be set up in InfoGriz to be run at the user’s discretion. Occasionally, if the reporting criteria is exceptionally complicated, it may be necessary to request a report run in the batch environment rather than on demand.


No charge.


Services in this area are available if deemed appropriate by the data steward and as can be fit into the EIS development schedule. Factors including dependencies, level of complexity, and availability of staff will influence timelines. InfoGriz reports are grouped into appropriate user communities and access to the reports is coordinated through the data steward.


Please email the steward of the data for the related report regarding questions, additions or improvements.  The changes will be submitted using the EIS JIRA system by the steward.


Report development is at the discretion of the steward of the data being reported.

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