Practical Dari

Practical Dari Cover Page

One of the challenges of teaching a foreign language is how to best enable students to interact effectively outside the classroom with native speakers in situations that are different from those experienced in class. One helpful learning tool that can immerse students into the language is role playing. Practical Dari is a collection of simulations based on real-life experiences. This book is primarily designed to familiarize students of Dari with the basic terms and vocabulary needed for every day conversations. Practical Dari was created based on the initial creation of Practical Pashto. Although both books are identical in many ways, Practical Dari, which was developed after Practical Pashto, is different in terms of format and some lessons. Some lessons are a translation of the Practical Pashto content. For the purpose of more effective communications, all of the conversations have been developed using conversational Dari, rather than standard formal Dari.

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