Opportunities for UM Students

The Mansfield Center is committed to helping students achieve a better understanding of Asia and ethics in public affairs while meeting the University of Montana’s academic needs and desire to offer a truly global education.

Classes and Majors

Faculty affiliated with the Mansfield Center teach courses on public diplomacy, leadership, international relations, ethics, and Asia under the MANS course code or as other departmental offerings. Check the University of Montana's banner course search tool for information on individual semesters or read the full list of all Mansfield Center classes.

The Center also works with an array of campus units to coordinate the East Asian Studies program. This program offers a Bachelor of Arts and encompasses a rich variety of courses, allowing students to build a program around their interests and desired field of study.

Internship Program

Students from a variety of majors can learn about leadership development by interning with programs like the Women’s Leadership Initiative or gain rare local experience in international affairs while supporting our international programs as part of the Mansfield Center Internship Program. Interns may earn academic credit and/or financial compensation.

Study Abroad

The Mansfield Center offers opportunities to study abroad for both U.S. and international students as an integral component of a global education. We offer an annual  Vietnam Program on climate change impacts as well as scholarships and connections for additional opportunities.