Secondary Educator Fellowship

This one-week fellowship from July 8th through the 12th is tailor-made for high school social studies teachers, particularly those teaching government. It's an all-expenses-paid opportunity to earn a $600 stipend and 40 OPI credits, designed to explore the promise and perils of American democracy from historical and philosophical perspectives. 

The fellowship is led by University of Montana Political Science Professor and the Director of The Mansfield Center's Ethics and Public Affairs Program, Rob Saldin. 

Saldin, and other University of Montana professors, will teach in-depth knowledge about founding documents and current debates in civics.

Experiential Learning + Community Building

Beyond the classroom, this annual program is your ticket to connect with fellow teachers from all corners of the state. It's a vibrant community of educators, united by a shared mission to create informed, engaged, and responsible citizens. Here, you'll engage in a dynamic exchange of ideas, learn from one another, and discover new ways to connect your students to American democracy. 

Applications due by February 29th.


For more information, please contact our Program Officer for Youth Engagement, Tyson Warner at