Mansfield Seminar

The Mansfield Seminar invites a select group of students from area high schools to come together as a cohort and meet throughout the academic year to participate in public policy discussions with expert speakers. Each meeting will focus on a different theme in public policy in such areas as the environment, foreign policy, gender equality, and conflict resolution.

Student Responsibilities

Students are asked to commit to the following in order to maximize the benefits of their Seminar experience:

  • Attend each session unless a pre-arranged absence has been requested by e-mail to your teacher, with confirmation to the Mansfield Program Coordinator.

  • Arrive on time and prepare to stay for the duration of the session, unless pre-arranged with your teacher.

  • Prepare yourself for each session, either by reading the pre-assigned material, or by conducting your own research.

  • Show respect to the speaker by providing your full attention. Cell phones should be turned off.

  • Actively participate in the session by asking questions and responding to speaker questions.

  • Within three days of each session, e-mail the Mansfield Program Coordinator a brief paragraph with your reactions to the session, such as what you learned, what surprised you, what you liked about the talk, etc.

Students who are not able to commit to these responsibilities should not continue attending the Seminar. Those who complete the Seminar will receive a completion certificate.

Seminar Schedule

The Seminar meets the fourth Tuesday of each month, October through April, with the exception of December. Dates may be modified depending upon school or speaker schedules. Specific speakers will be announced at the start of each Seminar, and their contract information will be shared with participants at that time.

The Cohort Experience

The opportunity to collaborate with peers, including peers from other schools, is an important part of the seminar experience. Participants will be linked through social media and email to foster interaction outside of the seminars.