Hire a Musician

The UM School of Music is home to many talented music students excited to share their talents with you and enhance your special occasion. Our students can provide you with a variety of high quality performances to enhance any event. The School of Music is not a booking agency, but we do help facilitate the hiring of talented student musicians.

DISCLAIMER: In no way does the School of Music School act as an agent for any musicians we refer. The School of Music is not responsible for any agreements made by, or performances provided by these individuals.

The Musicians

All of the musicians and ensembles provided by this service are current students at the UM School of Music who have been approved by faculty instructors to perform in professional settings.

Soloists and groups available
The UM School of music has numerous categories of solo performers, including brass, strings, vocalists, woodwinds, piano, organ and guitar. We also have multiple ensembles, including string quartets, brass quartets/quintets, woodwind quintets, percussion ensembles and jazz combos. We cannot guarantee that all categories of performers listed are available at a given time.


While there are standard rates recommended for student musicians, specific details are negotiated between the ensemble leader and client. Considerations include the size of ensemble, length of event, distance away from campus, experience level of players and special equipment required. Special musical requests (e.g. specifying musical repertoire requiring students to learn new works, performances requiring travel to locations outside Missoula, etc.) are welcome, but they may result in a higher rate.

Student musicians accept performance engagements as freelance performers, not as employees of UM. UM School of Music strongly encourages both clients and student musicians to put performance agreements in writing, but the UM School of Music does not enforce or endorse any contract undertaken by students acting as freelance performers.

Things to Consider Before Booking:

  • What kind of performer or ensemble do you have in mind?
  • The date, time and location of your event.
  • What is your music budget? Cost is influenced by number of players, length of event, travel distance, equipment required, experience of performers and special requests.
  • Will the performer/ensemble play for the entire event or only certain times? The standard is 45 minutes on and 15 minutes off. Musicians are compensated for the overall length they are required to be there, not the amount of playing time.
  • Is your event casual or formal? This is important to consider when selecting the kind of performer/ensemble for your event.
  • What kind of atmosphere are you trying to create for your event? Do you have specific genres or stylistic periods of music in mind for your event? Classical, romantic, jazz?
  • Is the location or venue suitable for musicians? How much space is available for musicians? Do you require a sound system? Are electrical outlets accessible?
  • Is there an acoustic piano available? If you require a piano, plan to have it tuned for the event.
  • Is there a space where the musicians can warm up or drop off their possessions?
  • Is a rehearsal/sound check possible in the performance space prior to the event?

Musician Information






Piano soloists 1 performer Student or Faculty Professor Steven Hesla 
Dr. Christopher Hahn 

String Groups

Brass Groups

Celebration Brass Quintet 5 performers Student Group Dr. Zach Cooper 
Quartetto Dolce (Tuba/Euphonium Quartet) 4 performers Student/Faculty Group Dr. Ben Kirby 

Woodwind Groups

Flute Quartet 4 performers Student Group Professor Margaret L. Schuberg
Flute Choir 12 performers Student Group Professor Margaret L. Schuberg
Schuberg-Peterson Duo 2 performers Faculty Group Professor Margaret L. Schuberg
(3) Sax Quartets 4 performers Student Group Johan Eriksson 
Three Rivers Sax Quartet 4 performers Faculty Group Johan Eriksson
Clarinet Quartet 4 performers Student Group Christopher Kirkpatrick
Clarinet Choir 10-15 performers Student Group Christopher Kirkpatrick

Percussion Groups

Islanders Steel Band Student Group Robert LedBetter
Mexican Marimba Band Robert LedBetter
Brazilian Ensemble Robert LedBetter
Jaya Budaya  Balinese Gamelan Robert LedBetter
Salsa Band Robert LedBetter
West African Ensemble Robert LedBetter
UM Grizzly Marching Band Drumline 20-25 performers Student Group Robert LedBetter

Jazz Groups

(4) Jazz Big Bands 15-20 performers Student Groups Contact: Rob Tapper 
(3) Jazz Combos 3-8 performers Student Groups Contact: Johan Eriksson
Faculty Jazz Combo 4 performers Faculty Group Contact: Johan Eriksson