Creating Empowering Environments where Women Say their Ideas Out Loud





Fellowship Sponsors

  • Molly Bradford
  • Edward and Evonne Wells
  • Bjorn Nabozney and Tamara Olson-Nabozney
  • Brian and Naeyshae Morgan
  • Jenni Graff
  • Phillip Guay and Martha Des George
  • William and Caroline Price
  • Gregory and Mary Olson
  • Michael Beltz and Dori Gilels
  • Anthony McCormick and Olivia Shjeflo


  • Thomas Gallagher and Linda McCarthy
  • Joseph Anderson
  • Leta Brown
  • Sara Smith
  • Zachary and Sarah Millar
  • Jon and Elizabeth Marchi
  • Theresa Floyd
  • Aimee McQuilkin
  • Charles and Barbara Beaton
  • Thomas and Keriann Strickland