The University of Montana provides an entry-level professional physical therapy program through the School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science. 36 full-time graduate students enter the program each year in August and graduate 33 months later with a Doctor in Physical Therapy degree. Three full-time clinical internships are integrated throughout the curriculum, including an individually-designed 15-week internship the last semester of the program. Two part-time integrated clinical experiences take place in the School's UMPT Clinic during spring of second year and fall of third year.

Month entry-level Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree
Students admitted each year
Overall Pass Rate on the National Physical Therapy Exam
Employment rate


The Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at the University of Montana is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE), 3030 Potomac Ave., Suite 100, Alexandria, Virginia 22305-3085; telephone: 703-706-3245; email: accreditation@apta.org; website: http://www.capteonline.org.  If needing to contact the program/institution directly, please call 406-243-4753 or email physical.therapy@umontana.edu.

University of Montana DPT Student Outcomes

UM DPT Student outcomes for classes of 22, 23, 24 and two year averages.
  Class of 2022 Class of 2023 Class of 2024 Two Year Average
Graduation Rate 100% 100%   100%
1st Time National Physical Therapy Exam Pass Rate 97.1% 97.3%   97.3%
Overall National Physical Therapy Exam Pass Rate 100% 100%   100%
Employment Rate 100% 100%   100%

DPT Acceptance & Matriculation Rates

Acceptance and Matriculation rates for classes of 24, 25, 26 and 27
  Class of 2027 Class of 2026 Class of 2025 Class of 2024
No. of Applications Received 529 480 542 554
Class Size: 36 38 36 37
Overall GPA:   3.68 3.62 3.74
Prerequisite GPA:   3.67 3.68 3.809
Average GRE Scores N/A Verbal: 155.8, Quant: 155.6,  Writing: 4.12 Verbal: 153.8, Quant: 154.3, Writing: 4.29 Verbal: 153.6, Quant: 153.3, Writing: 4.35
Residency:   25 in state, 13 out of state 17 in state, 19 out of state 19 in state, 18 out of state

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