Bystander Trainings

Sexual harassment and sexual violence are a national problem on college campuses. At UM, we work together to make our campus a safe place. That's why we offer Bystander Intervention Training. In this training, students learn important strategies and techniques that can help stop this kind of violence before it happens. 

This training session contains triggers related to sexual assault and relationship violence. Please contact SARC if you are a survivor and need support.  We can assist with removing the administrative hold so you will not have to take the training. If you need support please call 243-4429

***Offerings are limited. Please keep checking this page for opportunities to attend future Bystander Trainings.***

Zoom Trainings:

Please follow the instructions below to register for a Zoom Bystander training:

  • Click on the date and time of the training (see below).
  • Register for the training using your UM email address (e.g.;; This is necessary for security purposes. Those who register with other emails (e.g. @gmail; @hotmail; etc) will be denied access to the training.
  • After successfully registering for the training, you will receive a confirmation email with additional instructions and the passcode to access the training. Be sure to save the confirmation email. Confirmation emails are sent manually 1-2 times daily by the presenter; they are not automatically sent immediately after registration is submitted.

Training Days/Times

Registration link for the Bystander training on Thursday (6/30), at 3:00pm.

In-Person Training:

Please follow the instructions below when attending an in-person training:

  • Bring your phone to participate in an online Pre-Post evaluation. Or, be sure to have a pencil or pen to fill out a paper copy of the Pre-Post evaluation.
  • Bring your Griz card! (We need your student ID#, which is your #790)
  • You do not have to sign-up to attend the in-person training. It is first come, first served until the room meets capacity.
  • Masks are required.

Training Days/Times/Location:

  • TBA (There is typically 1 in-person training provided at the beginning of each semester. This will be posted as soon as the date, time, and location are confirmed.)