AE Opportunities

Academic Enrichment (AE) is for ALL students. Participating in AE Opportunities and experiential learning prepares students with skills for the 21st century and gives students the opportunity to apply their learning beyond the classroom. AE offers resources for students to connect with a variety of out-of-classroom experiences.

Which Opportunity Will You Explore?

Intern or work with a local, national, or international organization to gain valuable experience in your field.
Conduct your own research or creative scholarship project or assist faculty with their research.
Give back to your community while gaining experience through volunteering and service learning.
Spend a few weeks up to a year in another country while earning credit.
Work, intern, or volunteer abroad in your field with the program of your choice, or design your own experience. Programs run a few weeks to one semester or more.
Spend a semester or a year studying on exchange through the National Student Exchange program at another university in the United States, Guam, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, or Canada.
Spend a couple of weeks or an entire summer getting hands-on field experience. 
Advocate for an international organization locally or abroad with an ASUM-recognized student group.
Have a business idea or want to create a new product? Check out Blackstone Launchpad for the resources to get started.
Excited to learn more about a topic you are interested in? Get credit for it. Talk to your faculty or advisor to create your own independent study/class.
Other ways you can get involved
Use your degree to work or volunteer in the US or internationally. Many experiences funded, including Peace Corps.