National Student Exchange (NSE)

Where do YOU want to go?

NSE offers students a chance to explore new places, make new friends, recreate in diverse environments, eat cultural foods, avoid cold winters and grow academically by enrolling for a semester or academic year in one of 550+ academic majors at one of 170+ consortium schools located in:

  • Guam
  • Canada – 7 provinces
  • Puerto Rico – 9 Spanish-speaking campuses
  • U.S. Virgin Islands – St. Croix and St. Thomaslock-bridge.jpg
  • United States – 48 states, including 2 Hawaiian islands
  • Predominantly Latino-serving institutions – 21 campuses
  • Historically Black Colleges and Universities – 12 campuses


Can I Afford to Exchange?

Like volunteering, service learning, internships and undergraduate research, a study exchange will enhance your academics and expand your horizons  . . .  affordably! The application process only cost a small fee of $250!

OUT-OF-STATE students can save oodles of tuition as an in-state “guest” student at the NSE school of their choice—just select Plan A.

IN-STATE students can pay tuition to UM  (with scholarships and federal financial aid applied) yet attend classes at the school of their choice -- just select Plan B.