Outgoing Students

*Please follow the steps below to ensure a smooth application process.

Step 1:  Research schools, their academic programs and classes

Start your research on www.NSE.org before you visit with us. Think about: 

  • Why you are considering an exchange.
  • What semester or academic year would work best for you to exchange.
  • What you would like to experience geographically, culturally and academically.
  • Your top choice schools (3-5) and why.
  • The courses you want/need to take and if they are offered at the schools you are considering.
  • Which works best for you: Plan A (pay in-state tuition at the host school) or Plan B (pay tuition to UM).

 yellowstone.jpgA Montana traffic jam



In Davidson Honors College #002, you will find our campus NSE Director, Dr. Cheryl Minnick. Before you can apply, you must attend a Pre-Placement informational meeting with Cheryl to make sure an exchange will work for you, and to ask her any questions you may have. 


Step 3: PRE-APPLICATION MEETING (30 minutes)

At the Pre-Application meeting, you will discuss your school choices, course selections, semester, costs, budget, Plan A/B, financial aid, scholarships, credit transfers, and the application process. It is helpful to bring:

Unofficial transcript (CyberBear is fine)

A list of schools you are considering

Budget Resources Worksheet

Official Study Plan Approval Form (complete with your academic advisor)

During the Pre-Application Meeting, you will review your transcript for qualifying GPA (2.5+) and class standing (sophomore, junior or senior), credits completed, and absence of failing grades. Your candidacy will be vetted for absence of student conduct code violations and/or felony convictions. Your budget worksheet will be reviewed to confirm available financial resources, scholarships and financial aid, as well as tuition rate (Plan A or B). Your study plan approval form will be reviewed for academic course choice, advisor’s approval, and transfer credit approval. If the transcript, study plan and budget look solid, please continue forward to . . .


Somewhere over the rainbow... careers come true!


At the In-take Interview, you will clarify any questions you might have and review:

Application for Exchange

Program of Study Statement

Reference - General

When your materials are complete, pay the nonrefundable $265 NSE Application Fee. Submit payment to UM Treasury, Lommasson #237, by debit card, credit card, cash or check (made payable to UM National Student Exchange).



Congratulations! You are going on exchange! Woo-hoo!

To finalize your placement, meet with Cheryl to sign your Placement Acceptance Form (PAF) and review and agree to UM’s and NSE’s Conditions of Placement forms with your signature.

After signing your PAF, keep an eye on your email for information from your host school’s NSE coordinator about your placement, how to find housing there, the name of your host school advisor, to get your PIN and directions to register at your host school, etc.

Exchange is an easy process and nearly all students exchange to their first choice school. If you have questions about the application process, please contact Cheryl Minnick: at (406) 243-4614 or cminnick@mso.umt.edu


When going on exchange it is not just a chance to explore a different part of the world but it is also to experience and study new ideas. Many schools that are a part of the NSE program offer a number of unique such as marine biology, viticulture, and aviation studies to name a few. There are also a number of notable programs at NSE schools which gives students the opportunity to take classes at some of the most prestigious programs around the country.

To learn more about some of these programs follow the link below to explore the options you have as an NSE student in more detail.