Field Experiences

Students taking notes while sitting on a moss covered log in the middle of the forest

Forestry and Conservation Study Abroad Program

The College of Forestry and Conservation at The University of Montana is now proud to offer students the opportunity to expand their knowledge and experience of natural ecosystems in the Asia - Pacific region. These field-based, faculty-led, experiential classes focus on the environmental and conservation concerns, as well as the modern & traditional cultures, of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Vietnam and Indian Himalaya.

Our courses are intense, academically rigorous, and interdisciplinary in design, such that they are suitable for students of all backgrounds and majors.

Northwest Connections

Northwest Connections conducts long term ecological monitoring efforts which 1) provide important levels of information on wildlife and habitat linkages within and across the Swan Valley, 2) employ local people, 3) provide field-based learning opportunities for students and visitors, 4) promote an ethic of land stewardship and the conservation of natural resources for future generations

Wilderness and CivilizationStudent holding a bird of prey

Study wilderness and land ethics through ecology, literature, policy, art, and Native American Studies.Engage with conservation advocates, land managers, tribal leaders, and innovative landowners in the field. Work in the community through internships and service projects that turn knowledge into action. Learn valuable skills in ecological monitoring, plant identification, policy analysis, and backcountry travel. Develop a sense of place and community through study of local issues with a small group of students. Experience some of the wildest country in the lower 48 states.

Wild Rockies Field Institute

WRFI offers a range of courses that cater to your interests, schedule, and academic needs. Classes run from two to nine weeks and fulfill anywhere from 3 to 12 semester credits.  They all provide affordable alternatives to traditional classroom academics in some of the most beautiful and interesting landscapes in the world, and they will introduce you to people and places that will change your world forever.

Yellowstone Studies Course

Take this unique opportunity to study in Yellowstone over a long winter weekend! Students in the Yellowstone Studies course spend four days exploring ecology, geology, geothermal activity, wildlife management, winter recreation issues, tourism, environmental politics, and ranching.