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AE Experiences

AE Experiences

Independent Study

Want to learn more about a topic for credit? Contact a professor to design your own class.

Volunteer and Service Learning

Give back to your community while gaining experience through volunteering and service learning.

Find a Job or Local Internship

Work or intern with a local, national, or international organization to gain valuable experience in your field.

Field Experiences

Spend a couple of weeks or an entire summer getting hands-on experience in your field. ***Need landing page***

Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship

Conduct your own research or creative scholarship project or assist faculty with their research.

Student Groups-Leadership

Advocate for an international organization locally or abroad with an ASUM-recognized student group.

National Student Exchange

Spend a semester or a year studying on exchange at another university in the US, Guam, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, or Canada.

Study Abroad

Spend a few weeks up to a year in another country while earning credit.

Work / Intern / Volunteer Abroad

Work, intern, or volunteer abroad in your field with the program of your choice, or design your own experience. Programs run a few weeks weeks to one semester or more.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Have a business idea or want to create a new product? Check out Blackstone Launchpad for the resources to get started.

Post-Bac. and Graduate Experiences

Use your degree to work or volunteer in the US or internationally. Many experiences funded, including Peace Corps.

Additional Leadership Opportunities

Other ways you can get involved