Associated Students of the University of Montana

Letter from President Butler:

Hello UM Students! 

The Associated Students of the University of Montana is working to represent all students at the 2019 Montana Legislature. We have hired a lobbyist who lives in Helena and works at the Capitol on the daily basis to serve students. If you would like stay informed or get involved we have few options:

  • Lobby day: Join ASUM in Helena on February 12th for a day of civic engagement facilitated by the ASUM Lobbyist. We will provide transportation from the UC/Mansfield Library Parking Lot at 7:30AM, and we will return to Missoula by 6PM at the latest. All food and snacks will be provided throughout the day. RSVP here.
  • Tell your story: Don’t have time to join us for a full day in Helena, but still interested in conveying your story about your higher education experience to the legislature? Fill out this google form with your story. Remember - the more detail you provide, the more compelling your story will be for legislators who are reluctant to increase funding for the Montana University System and keep costs low for students like you! 
  • Want to stay up-to-date with what our lobbyist Brenna Love is working on? Sign up for her newsletter here.

Thank you for opportunity to talk with you all today.


Alex Butler
Associated Students of the University of Montana
University Center, Suite 104
Office: 406.243.2038
Cell: 605.254.6632