Welcome to the Office for Disability Equity!

The Office for Disability Equity (ODE) is the campus resource for disability-related information. We provide consultation, training, and academic services to advance accessibility and inclusion by taking an intersectional approach to disability.

We commit to reducing the need for separate accommodations by embracing an intersectional approach and more inclusive strategies, in addition to expanding our ability to provide training and support for campus offices on all things disability.

Verification Letters

Students' verification letters still say Disability Services or DSS. Are these letters invalid?

No. Our team is working diligently to update verification letters. However, this transition will take time. If the verification letter reads “Disability Services,” or “DSS,” no problem. The letter is still valid. However, we welcome students to get in touch with their coordinator and request a new letter.

Virtual Office Hours

Do you have a quick question? We hold Virtual Office Hours on a Zoom session on Tuesdays from 11 am to 12 pm and Wednesdays from 12 pm to 1 pm MST. Click the link below. 

Tuesday link: https://umontana.zoom.us/j/93056954589 

Wednesday link: https://umontana.zoom.us/j/94476675562

Fall 2021: COVID-related concerns

As the University of Montana returns primarily to face-to-face classes, it is anticipated that most students will be attending classes in person.

We provide the following guidelines to students who require a COVID-related accommodation to attend in-person courses safely:

  • Contact the Office of Disability Equity (ODE).
  • ODE will work with the student and the academic advisor to find online or blended classes. 
  • If online or blended classes are not options, ODE will work with the academic advisor on alternative options. The academic advisor will then contact the instructor or the designated party on what options can be possible concerning in-person attendance.
  • The academic advisor will contact ODE with the outcome.

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our commitment

We are committed to equal access and strive to ensure that the University of Montana, when viewed in its entirety, is readily accessible and usable by students with disabilities. Our vision is a level academic playing field for the students we serve. Through collaboration with faculty, staff, departments and other campuses, we ensure students receive appropriate accommodations and services to fully access the campus programs and facilities.

Access Updates