Support. Educate. Achieve.

The University of Montana strives to ensure that all aspects of campus programming – learning, living, working, and engaging – are accessible. The Office for Disability Equity (ODE) provides consultation, education, and direct services so that students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate and achieve. ODE also promotes full integration by demonstrating best practices for access and collaborating with UM’s diverse community to reduce the need for separate accommodations. 

What We do:

  • Get to know students individually.
  • Facilitate accommodations for students.
  • Connect students and faculty with resources on and off campus.
  • Provide guidance on physical access.
  • Advocate for the removal of attitudinal and procedural barriers.
  • Promote full integration through consultation and education.


Accommodate is an online portal for students working with ODE and faculty. 


Access Updates Subscription

Access Updates notify elevator outages and other physical barriers on campus. Notifications are available via email or text. To receive notifications, subscribe to the Access Updates Channel.