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General Protocol (PDF) 
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BBIRD Field Protocols

Thomas E. Martin, Charles R. Paine,
Courtney J. Conway, Wesley M. Hochachka,
Paul Allen, and Wajid Jenkins

Please cite the Protocol as -
Martin, T.E., C.R. Paine, C.J. Conway, W.M. Hochachka, P. Allen, and W. Jenkins. 1997. BBIRD Field Protocol. Montana Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit, University of Montana, Missoula, Montana, USA.

This document describes the full BBIRD field protocol for establishing plots, locating and monitoring nests, surveying birds, and measuring vegetation. It is not necessary to follow the entire BBIRD protocol in order to participate in the program. Nesting productivity data is the minimum requirement for participation, although vegetation measurements at nests are strongly encouraged. Refer to our index of variable names to use when reporting data to the national database.

Please note that the downloadable version of the protocol is revised more frequently than the version viewable on this web site. While most of these revisions are minor (fixing typographical errors and clarifying wording), you should download a copy of the protocol if you want to see the most recent version of the protocol.


The University of Montana