Student Employment Manual

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Table of Contents

Introduction to Student Employment

Office of Student Employment

Equal Opportunity Policy and Student Employment


The Hiring Process
  • Recruitment of Students/Advertising Student Jobs
  • Screening of Candidates
  • Developing Interview Questions and the Interview Process
  • Selection
  • Job Offer
  • Hiring Forms
  • International Students
Orientation to the Office/Job
  • Introduction
  • Job Responsibilities for a Student Employee
  • Review of Rules and Regulations
  • Work Orientation
  • Break Policy
Student Employee Performance Evaluations

  • Introduction
  • Termination Procedure
  • Appeal Procedure
Student Payroll
  • Introduction
  • Non-Work Study
  • Pay Periods
  • Overtime
  • Benefits
  • Termination Procedure
Work Study Student Employment

Student Employee of the Year Award