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Creative Pulse

Join us for Summer 2016, June 20-July 15

The College of Visual and Performing Arts at The University of Montana is pleased to present the annual summer Creative Pulse: Master's Degree in Integrated Arts and Education program for educators and education administrators. The Creative Pulse has had a long and successful history since its initial offering in 1990. The program is specifically designed to develop Master Teachers in the Arts and Humanities, but is not limited to those areas.

The program consists of eight one-week seminars divided between two summer sessions, and a field project and online component between the first and second summers. Studio apprenticeships allow students a "hands-on" opportunity to work with practicing artists on additional areas of artistic expression. The Master of Art degree culminates with a final creative project following the second summer.

Creative Pulse students come from varied backgrounds and places.  The majority are elementary, middle and high school teachers.  Some are classroom teachers; others teach visual art, music, writing, drama.  We have shop teachers, Spanish, technology, interior design and costumers, even a zoo educator. The varied backgrounds and expertise our students bring contribute to a rich, diverse culture. 

What Our Graduate Students Say about Their Creative Pulse Experience:

“My life has changed drastically for the better because of the Creative Pulse.

 “Looking back, I am grateful for the lessons I have learned and the confidence I have built through the Creative Pulse. The skills I have learned go far beyond what I could have attained by myself. This program has given me the ability to accomplish any task that I set before myself, and it is this gift that I wish to pass on to my students.”

“For a long time, I have felt a yearning within me to do something more to grow my professional life. The Creative Pulse has fulfilled that yearning and has allowed me to step out of my self-imposed limitations, build confidence, and know that I can use the arts as a vehicle to transform the learning environment for my students and bring value to what I do as an educator.”

“The Creative Pulse and the interactions between classmates and faculty has had a tremendous influence on my life and art, much more than I anticipated.”

“Before the Creative Pulse I know I would not have attempted something this ambitious. I have a new attitude about my life, my schedule and my art. I now go looking for challenges. The world is opening up for me and possibilities are abundant, I just needed a shift in perspective to and prioritize my responsibilities. I credit this program for providing me an eye opening evaluation of my life in time to make radical changes

 “The Pulse makes people think big. The Pulse makes people act big. The Pulse is far reaching. I am a part of The Pulse.”

“Applying for the Creative Pulse program has been the single most important choice I have made in my professional life. It has truly changed the way I teach and approach education.”

 “The Creative Pulse has made me a better person, a better teacher, and more confident in my ability to change the lives of my students and people in need. I feel more inspired, and better able to care for a student – a homeless person – or a colleague than I did at this time past year. This has been the single greatest gift that any class or program could ever give me, the ability to feel more at home in my own skin and more empowered to open myself to joyful work and sacrifice.”