Summer Masters Program

The Master of Arts in Integrated Arts and Education is completed over two consecutive summer sessions plus independent studies and a final project. This schedule allows maximum convenience and flexibility to working educators. The immersion of summer residency is unique to the Creative Pulse.

Accepting applications for Summer 2021!

Earn credits toward your Masters of Arts degree!


While the pandemic remains a concern, we are planning to hold in-person classes for two weeks, followed by remote/online courses for two weeks during summer 2021.  We will have contingency plans for remote or online learning should it come to that. Either way, graduate courses in arts education are available. Please keep checking our website and Facebook for updates or contact 

Upcoming Dates

June 21-July 16, 2021
Summer session

The Heart of the Program

The Creative Pulse embraces critical thinking processes and habits of the mind, enabling our students to develop, refine and integrate these processes into their own thinking and learning abilities, as well as those of their students.

UMArts - The Hub for Arts Integration Training

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UMArts and The Creative Pulse are delighted to announce our collaboration with SPARK! Arts Ignite Learning to provide a variety of professional development opportunities in Arts Integration for educators. These efforts expand Missoula’s Kennedy Center training, with the goal of helping teachers develop new teaching strategies grounded in artistic thinking skills. UMArts, SPARK!, and MCPS are united in a partnership to expand these efforts throughout the state of Montana and nationwide.