Sport Club Union

Sport Club Union

The Sport Club Union at the University of Montana provides diverse sports opportunities for students across a broad range of skill levels and experiences.  The Sport Club Union is a training ground for leadership and organizational development.  Sport clubs should provide students with the opportunity to learn, excel, compete, and enjoy recreational and social activities in the sport or activity of their choosing.

List of Active Clubs

How to Join a Club Team

Many club teams maintain a website that provide more information about their team, including practice and competition schedules and how to join.  A link to their website is above, under the List of Active Clubs.

Our Sport Clubs are required to be part of University of Montana's ASUM, and contact information can also be found on their student group listing site.

Finally, if you are unable to reach a club, please contact Campus Recreation at 243-2804.

How to Create a New Team

If you would like to create a Sport Club that is not already listed above, visit University of Montana's ASUM website for how to register a new group.  Once recognized by ASUM, you will be able to attend Sport Club Union meetings and utilize some of our funding resources.

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