Dennison Theatre Policies

General Policies

Personnel Requirement

The George & Jane Dennison Theatre maintains a technical staff that is responsible for all stage production activities.  The Technical Director or Assistant Technical Director will be required whenever the Theatre is rented, regardless of any other personnel supplied by the Renter. A single, decisive line of communication must be established between the technical staff and the Renter. For the sake of expediency and efficiency, the Theatre asks that every production assign a person to function as "stage manager" to be on duty from load-in through load-out. All requests and decisions are to be routed solely through this individual. Please provide the technical staff with the name of this liaison prior to the event date. Load-in cannot commence until a "stage manager" is appointed.

Stage Hands

All non-touring stage and security personnel needed for performances or rehearsals shall be provided by the Theatre unless other arrangements have been made with the Theatre Director. The Theatre will deliver the services of such personnel, handle all scheduling, maintain hourly work records, and prepare payrolls on behalf of the Renter, who will be billed for any personnel charges per rate schedule. The Theatre technical staff reserves the right to replace Renter supplied personnel if it is determined such personnel are inexperienced or incompetent in operating technical equipment. Adequate time must be given when scheduling events and rehearsals to coordinate crew calls.

Good Conduct

"GOOD CONDUCT" applied to both language and actions is expected and required of all individuals occupying the Theatre as well as the Theatre staff. The Renter is urged to bring any instances of unbecoming conduct by the Theatre staff or any other individuals to the immediate attention of the Theatre Director.

Technical Equipment

The Renter will be contacted by a Theatre staff member at least two weeks prior to an event or first rehearsal to determine all technical requirements for the production, particularly those to be fulfilled with facility equipment. None of the Theatre's technical systems can be used, moved, or changed without prior knowledge and approval of the Technical Director or Assistant Technical Director. This includes all lighting, rigging, sound equipment, draperies, acoustic shell, portable dance floor, risers, piano, lifts, stage furniture, tools, or other items.

Loss of Equipment

The Renter will be billed for any equipment that is missing after an event if such equipment has been under control and care of the Renter's cast, crew or staff. This includes any major pieces of equipment, tools, headsets, cables, cords, microphones, lighting instruments, locks, tape and any other miscellaneous items.

Location of Control Boards

Sound and/or lighting for the stage will be controlled only from the locations specified by the Theatre. No Theatre seats will be blocked to accommodate sound or lighting control boards, except as specified, without prior approval from the Theatre Director. The lighting control board can be operated from the production booth at the rear of the orchestra level. Touring light consoles may be located on stage, backstage, and from house left/right of the orchestra level. Consult with the technical staff regarding cable and snake routing. House sound may be operated from the production booth, though not recommended, or from the same areas indicated for the lighting controls.

Food and Beverage for Cast and Crew

This policy is vital to maintaining the safety, functionality and appearance of the Theatre. The only areas where food and beverages may be served are the dressing rooms, loading dock, and adjacent area, unless approved by the Theatre staff. To promote the smoothest operating conditions, the Theatre requests the Renter's stage manager to enforce this policy during the entire run of the event, including rehearsals. Liquids may be allowed on stage in a sports or screw-cap bottle. Damage resulting from food or drink on stage will be the responsibility of the Renter.


The University of Montana is a tobacco free campus.  Smoking is not permitted on campus or within any of the buildings.

The lobby will be opened for the audience one hour before the announced starting time of the event. The auditorium will be opened at least thirty minutes before the announced starting time of the event.  All stage work and sound checks must be completed by this time. Because of the classrooms adjacent to the Theatre, sound checks must take place after five o'clock on week days unless prior arrangements have been made with Theatre personnel. The Theatre staff will assist the Renter in opening the Theatre on time. Under no circumstances will the performance begin or the intermission end without the express verbal consent of the Technical Director or Assistant Technical Director.

Set design and any other theatrical design work is not included in the rental of the Theatre. If needed, these designs must be supplied by the Renter at the Renter's expense.

The Theatre has a Yamaha studio rehearsal piano available on stage. A Steinway grand piano is also available. If tuning is critical it will be arranged with advance notice and billed to the Renter. No food, beverages, ash trays, equipment, tools or other items are to be placed on the piano, unless such items are integral to a performance and have been approved in advance by the technical staff.

The Renter will not bring, keep, or allow to be kept, any animals in the Theatre, unless authorized to do so by the Dennison Theatre staff. Upon written permission of the Theatre Director, animals used in performances may be brought into the Theatre only during actual rehearsals and performances. It is the responsibility of the Renter's stage manager to enforce this policy.

The Renter or any other person acting for the Renter is prohibited from using the Theatre as a sleeping or lodging accommodation.

Damage to the Theatre

The use of nails, tape, staples or any other fasteners on any wall surface, inside or outside the Theatre is prohibited and costs for cleaning or repairs will be billed to the Renter. Writing or marking any building surface, any damage to curtains, etc. will also result in charges to the Renter at time of settlement or at a later date. Nails, screws, staples, lag bolts, unguarded end pins, etc. are not allowed on the stage. Equipment may not be anchored to the stage floor. If this creates a safety issue (i.e., large speaker towers, etc.), equipment may be anchored to the stage floor after prior consultation with the theatre's technical staff. Damages to the stage floor will be assessed as follows: $250.00 per rehearsal or concert for the stage floor; $450.00 per event for the stage extension platforms.


The Theatre does not take responsibility for the loss of any personal property or artist's equipment while it is in the Theatre. No additional locks will be permitted on the doors of the Theatre by the Renter.  Valuables should not be left in the dressing rooms. It is recommended that valuables be collected by a Renter's representative prior to an event and be kept with that representative until the performance is completed. The Theatre will make every effort to provide a secure environment.

Unauthorized Access

For security and liability reasons, protecting both the Renter and the Theatre, unauthorized persons will not be allowed backstage (i.e. on-stage, loading dock, dressing rooms, green room) during performances. Load-in activity must cease whenever unauthorized persons are present. The Renter is encouraged to avoid delays by directing the public away from backstage. In the event that the Renter wishes the performer and the audience to meet, the stage manager will direct the audience to the dressing rooms or green room area as appropriate.

Delivery and Storage

Equipment, sets, props, costumes, merchandise, etc. may be brought into or out of the Theatre only at entrances designated by Theatre staff. At no time may hallways, sidewalks, public entries be obstructed from normal usage. In receipt, handling, care, or custody of property of any kind, shipped or otherwise delivered to the premises, either prior to, during, or subsequent to the use of the Theatre by any Renter, the Theatre will exercise all due care to avoid damages to such property, but neither the Theatre nor the Theatre staff shall be liable for any loss, damage, or injury to such property.


The Theatre cannot provide parking for anyone, either Theatre employees, visiting artists or their staff or crews, with the exception of temporary parking for load-in and load-out in the dock area. Parking for tour buses and shore power must be arranged in advance of the event.  For campus parking information, visit the Dennison's parking information page.