Faculty Service Awards




Catherine Off, Communication Sciences and Disorders - 2016
Stacey Gordon, Law School -2015
Stephen Gaskil, Health and Human Performance -2014
Greg Machek, Psychology - 2013
Jean Carter, Pharmacy Practice - 2012
Chris Fiore, Psychology-2011
Don Potts, Forest Management -2010
Jean Luckowski, Curriculum and Instruction -2009
Jeff Green, Political Science -2008
Jim Hirstein, Mathematical Science -2007
Garon Smith, Chemistry -2006
Karen Kaufmann, Drama/Dance -2005
Audrey Peterson, Curriculum and Instruction -2004
Stan Jenne, Accounting and Finance -2003
Bill McBroom, Sociology -2002
Michael Mayer, History -2001
Bob Deaton, Social Work -2000
Jerry Esmay, Computer Science -1999
David Bilderback, Biological Science -1998
Marlene Bachmann, Curriculum and Instruction -1997
Henry Bugbee, Philosophy-1996
Randy Bolton, Drama /Dance
Thomas Payne, Political Science -1984