International Culture and Food Festival

The next International Culture and Food Festival will be held March 20, 2016 at the University Center.

Admission:  $6 per adult and $3 for children 3-12


A live streaming video of the cultural performances will be available in real time

You can watch the show here

This link can accommodate up to 50 people at a time, so if there are problems connecting, try again after a few minutes! 

 Dancers at 2010 International Festival

UM Hosts 25th Annual International Culture and Food Festival on  March 20, 2016, as part of UM International Month   

-The University Center at the University of Montana will once again become Montana’s largest venue for global sights, sounds and aromas at the annual UM International Culture and Food Festival on Sunday, March 20.  The UM International Culture and Food Festival is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and is proud in that period to have become Montana’s largest annual internationally-themed festival.  This year’s festival theme –  “25th Jubilee!  Around the World in 25 Years” –   highlights the many metaphorical global journeys that the people of western Montana have been invited to join via this festival in the past two and a half decades --- journeys that led to rich and unique international experiences in dance, music, food, film, arts and crafts; journeys that sparked multi-faceted cultural discoveries and learning;  and most importantly, journeys that inspired countless cross-cultural friendships and connections. This year, the festival is expecting  3,500 global “travelers” to once again enjoy this world journey.

The UM International Culture and Food Festival is one of the keystone events of UM’s International Month, a month-long series of programs and activities that will take place on campus to designate March as International Month. For a schedule of International Month events, call 406-243-2288  or visit

The 2016 International Culture and Food Festival will feature a tantalizing World Foods Bazaar, the popular International Culture Show, an interactive Children’s World Festival,  a Cultural Pavilions expo area, the Montana International Children’s Film Festival,  and a silent auction of arts and crafts from around the world. A parade of flags will kick off the festival at Noon, and all activities will run simultaneously until 5 p.m..  Admission costs $6 for the general public and $3 for children 12 and under. Tickets can be purchased at the door or in advance by calling Foreign Student and Scholar Services at 406-243-2226.

The World Food Bazaar in the UC Atrium will feature authentic dishes from regions around world. Food is priced from 50 cents to $4 and will include Indian tacos, Greek souvlaki, Persian sambusas, Malaysian “kam heong”  and “teh tarik,” Brazilian “feijoada” and “brigadeiro,” Indonesian “soto ayam,” Middle Eastern “humus, baklava and Bedouin coffee,” and Native American  buffalo tips and berry soup, among other culinary delights.

The five-hour lively International Culture Show will take place on the third floor of the UC in the Ballroom and will include traditional and contemporary performances such an Indian dance depicting Lord Vishnu’s incarnations, Balinese shadow puppet music, Mask dance  from Siera Leone and Guinea, traditional Japanese fisherman’s  dance, and Brazilian music and dance.  Visitors will enjoy their world trip while savoring  a rich musical, dance, and cultural kaleidoscope  of the mentioned  performances,  as well as many others from such diverse areas  as Nepal, China, Spain, Indonesia, and Ireland; as well as from  Native American, Middle Eastern,  and Latin American traditions.

Children’s World  in the UC Commons on the second floor will present an imaginative children’s festival with activity stations featuring hands-on, fun intercultural activities. Children can participate in games, dances, storytelling, multi-ethnic crafts and origami, as well as meet people from different cultures. Kids will be issued “passports” and can earn “world citizen” status by completing activities. At the same time, the Montana International Children’s Film Festival will feature entertaining,  thought-provoking and visually stunning short films for  all ages in the UC Theater on the third floor,  and feature peace-making activites in conjunction with the Jeanette Rankin Peace Center.

The Cultural Pavilions expo area in the UC Ballroom will present displays from individual countries and internationally focused local organizations, making the festival an inspiration for those hoping to make international connections here in Missoula. Displays will include colorful information about countries, a world-items market and information booths.

The Missoula International Friendship Program will have sign-up information for those interested in becoming a Community Friend to incoming UM international students, and will hold a silent auction of  arts and crafts from many parts of the world.

The festival is sponsored by the UM International Student Association and Foreign Student and Scholar Services.

Contact: Mona Mondava, International Festival Director, UM Foreign Student and Scholar Services, 406-243-6059,


Application - Initial Interest for International Culture and Food Festival  (Word document)