Kless Revolving Energy Fund

KRELF stands for "Kless Revolving Energy Loan Fund,” a student-initiated, student-funded loan program that supports energy and resource conservation projects on the University of Montana campus. Each semester since Fall 2009, UM students have supported KRELF with an opt-out sustainability fee. The purpose of KRELF is to finance projects that promote resource conservation, waste reduction, and environmental projects at UM, as well as capture financial and energy savings and foster student involvement in sustainability efforts.

Have an idea for a potential KRELF project? KRELF proposals are a great opportunity to develop grant writing and research experience and to learn more about the energy and resource footprint of the University of Montana!

Available Funding

  • Grant Funds: $34,000
  • Loan Funds: $102,000

Spring 2019 Application Deadlines

  • First draft due: Friday, March 15th
  • Revised draft due: Friday. April 12th
  • Final committee decisions: Friday, April 26th