KRELF Project Ideas

Spring 2011

This list was developed by a working group of UM students in Fall 2010 and through discussion with managers of some of the auxiliary buildings on campus. The Kless RELF Committee encourages students to develop projects prioritized and requested by building managers. Please let us know if you have other project ideas to add to the list.

  • Student energy monitoring position
  • Biodiesel/electric vehicles for fleet, campus utility vehicles
  • Kaimin waste reduction measures
  • LED/energy efficient bulbs/room occupancy motion sensors across campus
  • Solar thermal system for Griz Pool
  • LED lighting for campus walks
  • Bins, containers, baler for UM recycling program
  • Insulation/weatherizing/climate control improvements across campus
  • Energy monitoring expanded to more buildings
  • Campus wind turbine
  • Replace outmoded refrigerators in Curry Health Center
  • Solar PV panel atop Continuing Education Center (suggested by Joe Gough, Building Manager)
  • Flow-efficient showerheads in residence halls and UC
  • Solar PV panel atop Lommasson Center to offset food composter
  • New energy audits for appropriate buildings
  • Coffee grounds pickup for 1000 New Gardens project
  • Programmable thermostats in appropriate buildings
  • Solar thermal system for UM FLAT

From Brian Fruit, Campus Rec

  • Energy-efficient pool cover
  • Campus Rec lighting retrofits
  • HVAC heat recovery
  • Lighting retrofit in gymnasium

From Roger Stroebel, University Center

  • Atrium renovation to improve heat loss
  • New, more efficient heat system for Atrium
  • Energy-efficient canopy replacement that takes into account need for light in UC
  • New glazing for UC entrance
  • Improved UC stairwell enclosures
  • Heat exchanger for whole UC
  • Heat capture from UC kitchens
  • Green roof on West UC roof
  • UC lighting retrofits