Dr. Lori Gray Invited to Present in Brazil

Head shot photo of Dr. Lori Gray.

Dr. Lori Gray has been invited to present two internationally peer-reviewed paper sessions and two internationally peer-reviewed poster sessions at the International Society for Music Education (ISME) conference in Brazil this July. ISME is the premiere international organization for Music Education, with members from more than 80 countries. The two selected two papers, Teacher Mobility and Identity: The Lived Experiences of Four Veteran General Music Teachers, and, The Impact of Mobility on General Music Teachers’ Roles and Perceptions of Role Support, were accepted for the World Conference in the ISME commission group "Music in Schools and Teacher Education Commission." The selected poster, Teacher as Explorer, Ambassador, and Role Model: Paul’s Story of Mobility, Identity, and Role as a General Music Teacher, was accepted for both the MISTEC Conference and the World Conference.

In addition to the four presentations, Lori has arranged to visit local universities and public schools (K-12) to network, learn about Music Education in Brazil, and work with teachers and professors on the new government mandated Music Education curriculum in Brazil. She is in contact with former and current UM students from Brazil and also faculty and staff from K-12 schools and universities in Brazil. Lori plans to establish contacts with K-12 and university teachers and professors in Brazil for future collaborations in research in Music Education. These contacts may also help strengthen UM’s relationship with Brazil as we seek to grow our number of Brazilian students. In 2008, the Brazilian government mandated the inclusion of Music Education in public schools (K-12). However, the Brazilian government did not specify that a teacher licensed in Music Education was required for the added music instruction in schools until 2013. Future research projects may include working with K-12 Brazilian teachers and university professors to design Music Education curricula, utilizing U.S. curricula as models while taking into account the musical heritage and cultural differences unique to Brazil. Future research collaborations with K-12 teachers and university professors in Brazil to write articles comparing and contrasting music and Music Education in the U.S. and Brazil are also of interest to Lori.

Dr. Lori Gray is Assistant Professor of Music Education at the University of Montana. She teaches elementary and secondary music methods courses for undergraduate music education majors and non-majors, and graduate courses in music education. Lori holds a Doctor of Musical Arts from Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona, a Master of Arts in Teaching, a Bachelor of Music in Music Education, and a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. She taught in public and private schools for several years as an elementary and middle school general music specialist in San Antonio and Dallas. Lori’s research interests include music teacher identity, reflection, professional development, mentoring, and the preparation of future music teachers. Lori has presented research and teaching sessions at state and national conferences in Arizona, California, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, and Virginia.