Statement of Commitment to Diversity

Our Commitment to Diversity: Action Items

The Global Engagement Office recognizes that our Statement of Commitment to Diversity must be demonstrated through meaningful action. We share here our recent, continuing, and planned initiatives. We aim to hold ourselves accountable to what we have pledged by sharing our work with our community.


University of Montana Online Virtual Exchange (UMOVE)

Launched in the spring 2021, UMOVE brings diverse faculty and students together -across culture, languages, border of time, place, and discipline -to engage in intercultural dialogue and meaningful collaborations. UMOVE uses Collaborative Online International Education (COIL) methodology to prepare students for a world of increasing diversity, complexity, and interdependency, by utilizing technology to connect students and faculty with their peers across the globe through collaborative projects and discussions as part of their coursework.

Identity Abroad

UM Education Abroad created a webpage to introduce and describe Identity Abroad resources (published 2020?). These resources are designed to support students in navigating their study abroad program selection while reflecting on their identities.

Refugee Student Resources

The Global Engagement team welcomes refugee students to campus and recognizes the value that refugee students bring to the campus community. Our team is committed to creating a safe space and a supportive and inclusive environment for every refugee student on campus. 


Social Justice and Identity Discussions


  • GEO is partnering with the Office of Organizational and Leadership Development (OOLD) to provide inclusive teaching training and resources