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Professor Palmer Awarded Fulbright

Professor Chris Palmer poses at his computer.

The Fulbright-Brazil Scientific Mobility award will support Professor Chris Palmer during his visit to the laboratory of Professor Fernando Lanҫas at the University of São Paulo Institute of Chemistry in São Carlos, Brazil. Palmer is an analytical chemist specializing in the development of novel polymeric materials for application in microscale liquid phase separations and in the application of separations methods to environmental analysis. He plans to travel to Brazil early in 2015 and stay for seven to eight months. 

The goal of the Fulbright Program is to increase mutual understanding and enrich the educational, political, economic, social, and cultural lives of the countries that participate in the program. Intrinsic to the Fulbright award, Palmer will develop international understanding to establish open communication and long-term cooperative relationships in his field of Chemistry. While in Brazil, Palmer will work to develop and utilize new nanomaterials and methods for the extraction and pre-concentration of chemical analytes from complex sample matrices.  The results will contribute to the ongoing development of high performance miniaturized sample preparation devices, technologies that enable advances and discoveries across the scientific spectrum.  The research will exploit the advantageous chemical and physical properties of nanoparticles as sorbents (large specific surface area, high chemical resistance, high sorptive capacity and fast mass transfer kinetics) to substantially improve the performance of the devices.  The project will exploit and build upon the research expertise of Palmer and host Lanҫas, and the unique facilities and capabilities in the host laboratory, to establish an ongoing international collaboration.