UM Hosts International Child Phonology Conference

Conference participants visit Garnet Ghost Town

The University of Montana hosted the International Child Phonology Conference (ICPC) on June 16th-17th, where Montana students and community engaged with researchers from Brazil, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, Hungary, Korea, Holland, and all over the United States. Organized by Amy Glaspey, Communicative Science and Disorders (CSD) chair and associate professor at UM, the Missoula community hosted this event at the Phyllis J. Washington Education Center for the first time.

“The International Child Phonology Conference is an exciting event for anyone interested in hearing and language and their impacts on childhood development,” said CSD graduate student Jessica Camp. 

The conference provides a unique opportunity to expand on skills and knowledge outside the classroom, as well as learn about best practices and procedures used by communicative science professionals around the globe. Previous ICPC conferences have been held on university campuses in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and in other international locations.

“The ICPC provides opportunities for collaboration between University of Montana researchers, experts in the field and students through oral presentations, poster presentations and discussions,” Glaspey said. “The information and research presented will be highly beneficial to fellow researchers, research partners, graduate students and anyone in our community that works with children in the areas of speech, language or hearing difficulties.”

Recent UM Graduates Isabell Archilla and Jessica give their poster presentation on Measuring Speech Adaptability for Target Selection

Two recent UM graduates, Isabel Archilla and Jessica Camp, gave a poster presentation on “Measuring Speech Adaptability for Target Selection,” fielding questions from top experts on phonology, and Amy Glaspey gave an oral presentation on “Measuring Phonological Change in Speech Sound Disorders from a Multidimensional Perspective.” Many UM students, inside and outside of the department, helped with the organization of the overall successful event. 

Visit the Communicative Sciences and Disorders' website for more information about the conference and program.