About KPCN

Who We Are

KPCN: The Peer Connection Network is a student-based video production group creating tutorial and informational videos to help fellow students succeed at University of Montana. KPCN works with departments across campus to reach several goals such as broadening student base, knowledge accessibility to students, and peer-to-peer support. 

Infographic Depicting the production process, YouTube statistics and popular KPCN videos.    

About the infographic: The KPCN production process is unique in its multiple check-in points with clients and collaboration. Pre-Production consists of a concept meeting with clients followed by a script drafted by KPCN that is sent to clients for approval. KPCN then schedules and conducts the film shoot. In post-production, KPCN edits the footage, creates the narrative and enhances it with animations. A rough draft and fine cut is always sent to the client for comments and approval. From there, KPCN uploads the video to YouTube and add captions.

Some of KPCN’s most popular videos include “How to Fail a Class,” “Academic Planner for Students” and How Pizza and Burritos can Help you get Started on Your Paper.” Now in our fourth year, we’ve reached nearly 35,000 viewers on YouTube.

Interested in joining the KPCN team?

Peers from the Undergraduate Advising Center and interns work for KPCN. Peers gain hours working for KPCN for class credit, while interns can gain credit for their major, or may be paid. These are collaborative efforts where students learn through real experience.

Intern positions include:
Producers, Animators, Directors, and Stock Obtainers.

If you are interested in an internship with KPCN, contact Shannon Janssen at 406-243-2295.