Administrative Law

Elective Course
Course Number: LAW 665
Credits: 3

Administrative procedures and hearings play an increasing role in law practice, as regulatory agencies expand their influence. The federal and state administrative procedure acts serve as the focus for this course.

The Administrative Law is designed for the lawyer who:

  1. works for the government; represents clients or entities doing business with the government, are regulated by the government,
    or individuals or entities who receive government benefits, or
  2. works for a public interest entity or practices public interest law representing interests other than the government or private entities.

The course is primarily procedural. It assumes that the lawyer is working with some substantive issue - environmental, consumer/worker safety, social security, etc. - and needs to know how the substantive issues are presented and determined by the government and potentially appealed to the courts. While legislation that creates substantive rights/duties most often also provides procedures, there are basic or generic procedures that apply to all agency processes. The course focuses of these generic procedures.