Agricultural Law

Elective Course
Course Number: LAW 656
Credits: 2

Farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural producers represent an important segment of the U.S. economy. Agricultural law encompasses many other areas of the law, but focuses on the special rules and exceptions made for agriculture. Topics covered in this 3-credit class include U.S. agricultural policy; farm programs, incentives, and payments; livestock production and animal welfare; food safety; organic certifications; and genetic engineering of seeds. We will also study environmental, labor, immigration, commercial, tax, and property laws as they apply specifically to the agricultural sector. Students are expected to participate actively in this seminar class. The student’s grade will be based upon class participation and a paper. There will not be a final exam. The primary textbook is Susan Schneider, Food, Farming and Sustainability: Readings in Agricultural Law (Carolina Academic Press 2011).