John O'Malley - December 06, 2004

Distinguished Professor of Church History Weston Jesuit School of Theology

"The Council of Trent and the Making of Modern Catholicism"

8:00 PM Monday, December 06, 2004
University Center Ballroom

"Four Cultures of the West"

3:10 PM Monday, December 06, 2004
Gallagher Business Building 123

You are cordially invited to attend a seminar with John O'Malley, one of the country's premier historians of religion. His field of research is the epochal period of the Protestant Reformation and the Catholic Church's response to it. His book, Trent and All That: Renaming Catholicism in the Early Modern Era (2000), has had a powerful impact on the field. A collection of essays in response to this volume has been published recently. Professor O'Malley's study of Ignatius Loyola and his companions, The First Jesuits (1993), is the definitive collective biography in English of this fascinating group of individuals. His other publications include Religious Culture in the Sixteenth Century: Preaching, Rhetoric, Spirituality, and Reform (1993), The Jesuits: Cultures, Sciences, and the Arts, 1540-1773 (1999), and numerous scholarly articles.

Professor O'Malley is a member of the Accademia di san Carlo of the Ambrosian Library in Milan, Italy. Conceived by Pope John XXIII in 1963, the Academy promotes research in all humanistic disciplines. He also serves as the chair of the Board of Trustees of the Renaissance Society of America. He has presented scholarly papers and public lectures all over the world. The seminar will be based on his most recent book, Four Cultures of the West (2004), which deals with the prophetic, the academic, the humanistic, and the artistic traditions in Western Civilization.