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Our Narrative

At the University of Montana our mission is simple. Our mission is Montana. To provide a flagship education that's as all-encompassing and awe-inspiring as the Treasure State itself. To be the university that's both accessible and accountable—respected around the world, resourceful in our stewardship of the land that sustains us, and responsive here at home to all of Montana's communities and Indigenous cultures. To be a hub for unbridled curiosity and untamed creativity that's unmatched on either side of the Rockies. So that wherever Grizzlies roam, they thrive. And so that Montana's rarest treasures and its greatest resources flourish and prosper, today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

UM Flagship Fund awards announced

Several campus initiatives will receive financial support following a months-long process to identify, sharpen, and prioritize investments aimed at translating UM's vision into action.

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