Community Standards

Student Conduct Code

The Student Conduct Code at the University of Montana embodies and promotes honesty, integrity, accountability, rights, and responsibilities associated with constructive citizenship in our academic community.  This Code describes expected standards of behavior for all students, including academic conduct and general conduct, and it outlines students' rights, responsibilities, and the campus processes for adjudicating alleged violations. 

Questions regarding general conduct or concerns about student misconduct may be directed to the UM Housing Office at (406) 243-2611, or by email at

If you wish to report an incident, please fill out the form below:

Questions regarding academic conduct can also be directed to the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at (406) 243-4689.

Contact Information

Kelly Magnuson
Associate Director, Community Standards
(406) 243-2611 

Sandy Curtis
Director, UM Housing
(406) 243-2611