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Did you know that over the next 10 years, Montana will need more than 16,000 new healthcare workers? According to economist Bryce Ward in the January 2016 MTPR broadcast titled "Montana Primed for Growth in Healthcare Spending, Jobs," our state's demand for healthcare will grow exponentially in the next ten years and Montana will need "40% more healthcare workers in a decade than it has now... to meet the projected growth in demand, the state will need 7,000 more healthcare workers by 2025." While all this growth takes place, several older healthcare workers will retire, "'So, not only are we going to need new, more people than we have currently, we’re going to have to have to replace a bunch of people that we already have.' Replacing retiring healthcare professionals will mean Montana will need to fill an additional 9,000 positions in the next decade. That adds up to a total of 16,000 additional healthcare workers that the state will need." Are you ready to help meet this need?  Your future starts here. 

Our students are the health practitioners of tomorrow. 

No matter what your future is in health careers, with UMHM you will succeed. As a UMHM student we'll help you gain the skills, confidence and wherewithal to enter your dream profession! Study with our world-class faculty, engage in dozens of hands-on educational experiences, and get expert career guidance to help you achieve your goals!

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UMHM is committed to moving healthcare forward in Missoula and the region through partnerships and innovative program development.  Join us to help improve the health of all Montanans as we emerge as the leaders in healthcare research, education and practice of the Rocky Mountain West!