Featured Image Technical Guide

The Featured Image will generate a large visual component that will appear below the Top Navigation bar.  There are many customizable configurations for this component which are available in Advanced Options section.


You will need:

  • An image that you wish to showcase saved as a JPEG or PNG.
  • You will need to fill out all the fields under the Homepage>>Featured Image in the Setup Block adjacent to the Default Page on which you would like to feature this image.

Sizing Images

Featured Images can vary in dimensions based on what Style you have selected.

  • Full Row Image: 1200px by 345px, but can vary by height. It is not recommended to go more than a height of 345px.
  • Half Row Image: 570 x 185. Height can vary based on how wide you want the photo to be.

Featured Image Options

Style: These options will manipulate the layout of the Featured Image and its’ accompanying content.

  • Full Row Image, Content Below: This option will display the main image as a full row above the Short Content you supply.
  • Half Row Image, Short Content to the Right: This option will allow the Featured Image to take up half the page width with accompanying Short Content displayed to the right of the image. 
  • Half Row Image, About This Site to the Right: This option will allow the Featured Image to take up half the page width with the About this Site content displayed to the right of the image.  Please ensure that the About this Site section of the Setup Block in Site Information section is filled out if you select this option.

Image: This field will hold the link to the image that you wish to showcase.  See Sizing Images above.

Title/Alt Tag: This field will hold the Title/Alt Tag for your Featured Image. A descriptive name will help your users understand why the Featured Image is being showcased as the main image for your site.

Short Content: This text will be displayed either directly below or overlaid on a Full Row Image.  If you choose the Half Row Image, Short Content to the Right this text will display to the right of your image.  This field is often used as a caption of the Featured Image.

Show Title Before Content: By selecting this checkbox, both the Title/Alt Tag and Short Content text will be displayed in the region otherwise reserved only for the Short Content.

Internal Link: Featured Images can hold embedded links that will allow you to direct your user to another page within your site.

External Link: This option will allow you to add an external link to a page outside you site.

Theme: There are options available if you want to change the theme how the Featured image will be displayed. At this time Light and Dark options are available.

Advanced Options

Now that you have filled in the basic fields for the Featured Image component, you can select from additional options to control how your component will be displayed.  Based on your Style selection above, you may further customize either Half Row or Full Row options.

  • Hide Featured Image: If you have a Featured Image but would like to disable it temporarily, simply select this checkbox.

Advanced Options for Half Row

  • Include Frame: By choosing to include a frame, you can easily add a little spacing above and below the featured image and text.
  • Show Gutter: By choosing to display a gutter, you can easily add space between the image and text giving the appearance of two distinct regions of content. 

Advanced Options for Full Row

  • Overlay Content on Top of the Image: Selecting this option places your Short Content as a semi-transparent text box on top of the Featured Image rather than directly below it.