Site Information

The Site Information section of the Setup Block allows you to update the most basic information about your site in one location and have those changes populate through your site as needed. 

Site Title

Often this is the title of your department or group such as "University of Montana".  This appears in many locations throughout your website, but most prominently this is the title just above your top navigation.

Site Title Abbreviation

This feature is still in development, but will help shorten the length of breadcrumb trails and will display in the search bar of your website.  As an example, University of Montana would simply be UM.

About this Site

PLEASE NOTE: We will be retiring the About this Site option in the near future. If you currently have a Value Statement, please consider moving it into the content area of your default page. If you have questions about that, please contact us at or 406-243-4361

Commonly referred to as the “Value Statement” of your website, this content will be displayed on the home page of the site.  A Value Statement should be no more than 5 sentences and have an “outward audience” in mind; first impressions count.  If you would like assistance with your Value Statement, please contact Mario Schulzke at University Relations.