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Welcome to Project Ponderosa

The University of Montana has developed the Ponderosa Template to improve consistency for web visitors while empowering content creators.  The design highlights the site content and allows bold visuals to set the tone of each website. We have taken an iterative approach for development and roll-out, helping to ensure users will have regular access to new tools and features.  Find out what Project Ponderosa has to offer.

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Upcoming Web Short Courses

Please note that the January courses will be held on the 9th, not the 2nd.

Cascade CMS Training - January 9th, 1-2pm

We provide Cascade training on the first Friday of every month from 1-2pm. Please request Cascade access prior to this meeting, as we will be working within the Cascade CMS during this training. Visit to request access and view some of the topics we will be covering during this course.

Build a Better Website - January 9th, 2-3pm

Take your website to the next level as we share some helpful tips, tricks, and best practices of the Ponderosa Template. Come experience what Ponderosa has to offer on the first Friday of every month from 2-3pm.

Template Feedback and Open Forum - January 9th, 9-10am

Come give us your feedback on the Ponderosa Template and available plug-ins on the first Friday of every month from 9-10am. This is where we can discuss new feature requests, design changes, and address any usability concerns. We want to hear from you in an effort to provide you regular access to new tools and features.