Field School and Field Experience

Field experiences are essential to undergraduate and graduate training in anthropological archaeology. The Department of Anthropology at The University of Montana offers a diverse range of opportunities for students to gain experience and collect college credit through participation in archaeological field schools. Whether studying the ancient Mayans, peoples of the historic American west, or indigenous hunter-gatherers of the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Northwest, students have the opportunity to develop and hone their skills in field archaeology while thinking about archaeological interpretation and its implications for today’s descendant communities.

Archaeological field schools provide critical hands-on training and experience necessary for gaining employment or advancing academically in archaeology. Field schools at The University of Montana offer credits towards an anthropology major or minor. Field school credits can also be applied towards “Methods” within the undergraduate archaeology option. Many archaeological field schools are held in other countries providing students with international experiences. As many archaeological projects are conducted as collaborative partnerships with indigenous stakeholders, students may also gain experience living and working within non-western cultures.

Upcoming and Ongoing Archaeology Field Courses

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