Undergraduate Programs

Research Opportunities

Working in an active research laboratory provides exceptional learning opportunities that go well beyond what is typically available in a classroom. Students participate in the actual process of discovery, gaining hands-on experience in everything from experimental design to research techniques to data analysis to scientific presentations. In many cases, joining a biomedical lab group as an undergraduate becomes the first step in a journey leading to a career in biomedical research, the biotechnology sector or a variety of health professions.

BMED faculty are strongly committed to mentoring students in their lab groups. If you are interested in becoming an undergraduate research student, please explore the faculty and center web pages to identify projects that you find interesting. You may contact either the faculty member directly or the BMED Chair to get additional information. There are also two research centers housed in BMED, the Center for Environmental Health Sciences (CEHS) and the Center for Structural & Functional Neuroscience (CSFN), both of which hosts a fellowship program to support students during the summer.

CEHS Summer Fellowship Programs

CSFN Summer Fellowship Programs