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Laurie Fisher headshot

Laurie Fisher
Director & Career Counselor

 (406) 243-6989

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Jon Burham headshot

Jon Burham
Career Counselor

 (406) 243-2236

Mani Stubbs Headshot

Mani Stubbs
Career Counselor

 (406) 243-6830 (Mountain Campus)
 (406) 243-7830 (River Campus)

Katelyn Andersen Staff Photo

Katelyn Andersen
Career Counseling Intern

 (406) 243-6690

Rachel Dierken Headshot

Rachel Dierken
Administrative Associate

 (406) 243-5460

Alex Harris headshot

Alexandria Harris
Recruiting Coordinator

 (406) 243-2239

Tammi Flickinger headshot

Tammi Flickinger
Testing Services Coordinator

 (406) 243-2175

 Missy Smith headshot

Missy Smith
Peace Corps Representative

 (406) 243-2839