Ya'el, University of Montana’s Master of Accountancy Program 

“Ya’el used Career Services throughout her time as a student for cover letter and resume assistance, mock interviews, and attending interviews for internships and post-graduation jobs. After two years as an accountant, she used Career Services again as an alum, for help with her cover letter, resume, and interview assistance for her new job.” 

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Headshot of Kelli wearing purple

Kelli, University of Washington’s Medx PA program

“Career Services helped me by scheduling interview tip sessions, mock interview sessions, and putting me in touch with outside resources.” 

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Mina standing in front of a lake

Mina, Speech Language Pathology Program

“It was amazing how easy it was to get an appointment and the Counselors were extremely approachable. I went from feeling lost and alone in the process to being fully supported and hopeful.”   

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Shelby with acceptance letter

Shelby, Fast Enterprises

“My interactions with Career Services completely changed the outcome of my education. I wouldn't have found the opportunities that I did and I wouldn't be graduating with a full-time job if it weren't for on campus interviews and resume/cover letter help." 

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Head shot of Carrie in scarf

Carrie, Spanish Teacher

“Career Services is very reliable, with knowledgeable and professional staff. They deliver streamlined expert advice, tailored to the specific and associated needs for getting professional jobs of any sort." 

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Nash standing by tree and building

Nash, PA school in Arizona

“My Career Counselor helped in every facet of the interview process, from presentation to helping me make the most of each interview interaction. After two interviews and practicing further, I felt confident by the time the interviews arrived.” 

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Headshot of Ashley

Ashley, Child Development Center

“Career Services has been an incredible asset during this time of transition for me."

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